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Vertex Mobile Standard Radio VXD-7200

Product Details

Easily convert from analogue to digital two-way radio communications with the VXD-7200 mobile radio, providing the essential voice and text communications needed. The VXD digital radio series operates on the most widely-used digital protocol – DMR (Digital Mobile Radio), making it compatible to work with other DMR models and brands. The VXD Series can also be used with existing analogue two-way radios for an easy transition to new equipment and maximum return on investment.

Product Features

  • 512 Channel capacity
  • Four programmable front panel keys
  • 40 Character alphanumeric display
  • Multi-colour LED custom call alert
  • Digital encode/decode: call alert, private call, emergency, selective radio inhibit, radio check and remote monitor
  • MDC-1200® analogue encode/decode: call alert, emergency and PTT ID
  • 2-Tone Analogue paging: call alert, call alert with voice and select call
  • Basic privacy encryption (optional, digital mode only)
  • Voice activated transmit (VOX)
  • Contact list for up to 1,000 records
  • Scan options: dual mode (analogue or digital); mixed mode priority scan (digital only)
  • AMBE+2™ Digital vocoder
  • 26-Pin accessory connector

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