New radio system to snare shoplifters in Sutton

Details of shoplifters and individuals causing problems in north Ashfield can now be shared between shops, pubs, Police, Ashfield District Council Community Protection Officers and CCTV control.

Sutton-in-Ashfield has had a radio system running in the town for about 15 years which has proved useful in reducing crime in the area. But, Ashfield Community Partnership says, it needed updating, expanding and promoting to make it more effective.

The upgrade to a fully digital system has now been completed, expanding the area in which the radios can be used to share information and images to include Huthwaite, Stanton Hill, the B&Q area and Kirkby as well as Sutton itself.


Sergeant Martin Severn said: “Within days of the new system being introduced we are already seeing increased use and some positive results. The radios make effective and efficient communication between and with businesses much easier. The project will help Ashfield Community Safety Partnership deal with issues such as anti-social behaviour and we are confident it will make a difference.”


The revitalised system provides users with much clearer signals which are already increasing the sharing of information. The improvements have seen new users added too, with most of the pubic houses in the area as well as retail premises using the system now.

For the pubs, it enables door staff and pub management to communicate with each other as well as with service providers such as the police.Conversion of the system to digital has been carried out by MRS Communications and has been paid for by Ashfield Community Safety Partnership.

Training for staff using Storenet radios has also been provided by MRS.

In addition to being used to identify and help catch troublemakers, Storenet can be used to help locate missing persons, which was covered in the training sessions held at Sutton Community Academy.











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