08/03/2019How can two-way radios improve safety in your local area?
18/02/2019M.R.S. Communications supports FOR Cardiff in achieving its Purple Flag accreditation
23/11/2018M.R.S Communications celebrate over 20 years of collaboration with first customer, Swansea City Centre and District

New Range Radios

24-11-2014 - Motorola Introduce the new Mototrbo Range Radio SL1600

The new radio can be used in analogue or digital mode and features an innovative display which is under the case to prevent scratching. The radio also benefits from Range Max which extends the radio's range.

This is a small, sleek radio which uses a low profile antenna, much like the SL4000. 


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M.R.S Communications can offer both long term and short term two way radio hire and can also put packages together to include  base stations, repeaters and radio accessories.  Our communication equipment can be used for festivals, exhibitions, special events, conferences, construction sites, broadcast events, theatres and leisure facilities.

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Portable Radios  

From the front desk to the factory dock, moving across campus or around the country, MOTOTRBO radios are connecting more people effortlessly and efficiently wherever they work. Information is instantaneous. Decision-making becomes easier. Safety gets stronger. Productivity increases. Service improves and customers are more satisfied.

Whether you want ultra-thin portables or extra-tough mobiles, integrated Bluetooth or industry-leading data applications, we have the right radio that fits your needs today and evolves with new features to address your requirements tomorrow. Our radios are trusted by more than 1 million users and designed with a robust mix of features to increase workforce efficiency, productivity and safety.   
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Mobile Radios

From the delivery driver crisscrossing the city to the sanitation crew clearing streets, your employees work smarter and safer with a mobile two-way radio.

A mobile radio can transform your enterprise, delivering unrivaled voice and data communications with integrated Bluetooth audio and data*, integrated GPS*, text messaging and a full 4-line colour display with day/night mode to make reading work order tickets and text messages easier. You can also get best-in-class audio that includes Intelligent Audio and a customisable voice announcement feature.


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Integrated voice and data base-station/repeaters are designed to meet the requirements of small public safety, utilities and professional organizations.

Repeaters can operate in digital mode in Conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and Connect Plus systems delivering increased capacity, spectral efficiency, integrated data applications and enhanced voice communications.

In addition Repeaters can also operate in analogue mode for conventional and LTR®/PassPort® Trunking systems providing a flexible high power base station/repeater


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Drive down development, manage resources, and increase employee security and network performance with software and application development tools that can be programmed made to suit your requirements.

With software in place, your IT team can automatically stage mobile devices, update the software resident on deployed devices and easily troubleshoot user problems—all from your network operations center.

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Services - StoreNet and NiteNet

Our trusted and reliable StoreNet System is in operation across hundreds of town centres throughout the country, providing reassurance to staff and customers in the battle against business crime. StoreNet allows communities to be in instant communication with each other, for a proactive approach to reducing and managing crime.

NiteNet is a town or city centre operated radio system operated by pubs, clubs, restaurants,  bars and site security,  in partnership with M.R.S Communications Ltd, Police and CCTV operators. The NiteNet system helps alert all users to potential issues and connect the nightlife leisure communities.


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