Who we are - Celebrating 40 years

Keeping you and your local community safe with our radio management systems for over 40 years

We've been providing innovative and cost-effective two way radios to businesses, cities and towns around the UK for over 40 years.

Our history

In 1978, Alan Bartlett – a radio technician – saw a gap in the market. He noticed the need for taxi firms, builders and other businesses to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently without relying on landlines. And so, M.R.S. Communications Ltd was born.

The first radio system started as a taxi radio that could connect to a telephone system, allowing drivers to easily communicate with each other. This idea soon began to evolve and, in 1985, Alan Bartlett’s innovations led to the launch of StoreNet, helping shops and businesses communicate with each other as well as with crime prevention agencies. 

With the shift from analogue to digital over the past 20 years, M.R.S. Communications Ltd has continually made adjustments to keep ahead of every new innovation. More privacy has been included, audio quality has consistently been improved, and there are now enhanced communication facilities.

Since our humble beginnings, M.R.S. Communications Ltd has established itself as a key player in crime prevention, security improvement and radio comms. We’re immensely proud of how our business has grown, constantly evolving to incorporate technological advances and continuing to be a great support for communities throughout the UK.

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Supporting Customers - Our team are always happy to help with any issues that arise
Educating and Informative - M.R.S. Communications provide on-site training to ensure that you make the most out of your radio management system
Best Service - We provide continual radio support and training to our clients, from initial setup to follow up visits and communications


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