How We’ve Helped - Cardiff Against Business Crime

Company overview

  • Company name: Cardiff Against Business Crime
  • Company size: 210 Members
  • Type of company: Business Improvement Districts

"M.R.S. Communications has exceeded our expectations in the launch and maintenance of CityNet. Their experience and advice about managing public safety radio systems across the UK has been key in the successful introduction of CityNet. We look forward to building on this success together to continue improving the Business Crime Reduction Partnership’s crime prevention and safety arrangements."

Ian Tumelty, Business Crime Reduction Manager

The challenge

Cardiff Against Business Crime (CABC) is hosted by FOR Cardiff, Cardiff’s business improvement district (BID) in partnership with South Wales Police, British Transport Police, South Wales Fire & Rescue Service and others. The organisation provides its members with effective tools for communication, and a platform to speak up in the collective fight against business crime. CABC brings businesses together from the city centre and the bay, covering the evening and night-time economy, retail and office space, and major tourist destinations.

In February 2019, CABC recognised the need for a modern digital radio communication system. It was considered essential to enable the members to communicate with each other, the police and CCTV operators. A competitive tendering process was carried out and M.R.S. Communications was chosen as the delivery partner, having demonstrated expertise and a track record in providing digital radio systems to similar organisations throughout the UK.


Key Improvements

  • CityNet. Implementation of the CityNet system, a reliable and easy way for members to communicate.
  • Over 200 users . Over 200 users joined in the first year, and new businesses joining on a weekly basis.
  • Effective communication. Members are now able to communicate effectively with each other and the police.

The Solution

M.R.S. Communications conducted a full survey of the city centre to determine the best course of action for CABC, and to ensure full area coverage and a high-quality signal for reception and transmissions. The support of a dedicated Account Manager and the wider M.R.S. Communications team – including the engineers who installed the system – ensured a seamless rollout. Training was provided to the users of the CityNet system, to enable effective communication with each other and the local authorities.

The ongoing training and presence at member forums has led to a successful take-up by businesses in the Cardiff area, with over 200 users in its first year and new businesses joining on a weekly basis. Members are now able to communicate effectively with each other and the police, which has created a hostile area for offenders in respect of retail, alcohol-related crime and antisocial behaviour throughout the city and bay area. CityNet is also embedded as the communication system in the City’s EVAC emergency procedures.

M.R.S. Communications has helped professionalise and raise standards in respect of the public safety radio provision for the Business Crime Reduction Partners and its members. The experience and advice M.R.S. has provided regarding public safety radio systems across the UK has been key in the successful introduction of CityNet. CABC is already looking to expand the service to major new developments in Cardiff, to ensure that the city centre and bay are safe places to work, trade, shop and spend leisure time.


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