How We’ve Helped - PABCIS – Staffordshire

Company overview

  • Company name: PABCIS - Staffordshire
  • Company size: 900-1000 Members
  • Type of company: Business Improvement District

"PABCIS is set up to follow the ethos of consistency across the county, and so having a radio supplier such as M.R.S. Communications to provide radios to our members across all of the areas in Staffordshire in the same consistent manner helps us to deliver this element of our partnership. M.R.S. Communications understands the issues, the pressures, the workings and the operational issues of a Business Crime Reduction partnership. We therefore feel they are perfectly placed to provide our communications equipment."

Julie E Davies OBE, County Business Crime Partnership Manager

The challenge

PABCIS is a long-standing partnership in Staffordshire that has grown out of Stoke on Trent City Centre Crime Initiative over the last 30 years. It’s an innovative concept in the world of combatting business crime, and is at the forefront of the fight against crime and disorder affecting retail and night-time economy businesses in our town and city centres throughout Staffordshire.

The first retail radio link in the UK was launched in Stoke on Trent City Centre with the objective of bringing about a corporate, consistent approach in managing crime affecting businesses. Since then, the radio link developed and PABCIS began its search for a new supplier.

Reliable radio links are particularly important in the current climate. Reductions in police numbers, fewer staff within the business world and the economic conditions generally mean that the radio link – and having communication with other businesses – is extremely important.

PABCIS required a high-quality system that would allow users to alert others of potential issues in real time. They were also keen to ensure that the transfer of personal data and information was carried out in a compliant manner and within the stipulations of GDPR.

For this reason, PABCIS wanted to team up with a reliable and established company that could understand its needs and meet its communication requirements. It searched for a company that could understand the realms within which it works, and respond quickly to equipment issues. After researching suppliers in the industry, PABCIS saw M.R.S. Communications as the ideal company to do this.

Key Improvements

  • Improved service. PABCIS have received top quality service since working with M.R.S. Communications.
  • Effective communication. M.R.S. provided a high-quality radio system that would allow users to alert others of potential issues in real time.
  • GDPR. The transfer of personal data and information was carried out in a compliant manner and within the stipulations of GDPR.

The Solution

M.R.S. Communications provided the partnership with a communications solution that met all its requirements. Radios were distributed to members across all areas in Staffordshire in the same consistent manner – an element that was extremely important to the partnership. The communications system allowed the local area to easily communicate with each other in real time, enabling business owners to be proactive and feel safe in their day-to-day work.

As an accredited member of Cyber Essentials, M.R.S. Communications takes data protection seriously. This meant that all private information and personal data was kept safe and compliant within the guidelines of GDPR throughout the entire process.

M.R.S. Communications understood the workings and operational issues of PABCIS, and was therefore perfectly placed to provide communications equipment to the members of PABCIS. Since the communications system was implemented, M.R.S. Communications has consistently delivered top quality service and equipment to the members in the Staffordshire area.


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