News from us - How can two-way radios improve safety in your local area?

Here at M.R.S. Communications, we believe communication is key when it comes to preventing crime and keeping communities safe. Without the ability to talk to other people in your local area, crime prevention can be hard to manage.

So how exactly can something as simple as a two-way radio improve safety in your community? Well, we’re going to show you. Keep reading to find out why two-way radios are sure to make residents feel safer in their local area, whether that be while at work or out for a walk in the town centre.

Safer working environments

Two-way radios are a great way to create a safer working environment for staff and customers alike. Take retail, for example – an industry that is unfortunately subject to a number of thefts and other crimes day in, day out. By providing staff in the shop with two-way radios, members of the team are able to communicate with other employees when something doesn’t seem right. This can help manage a potentially dangerous situation, and even put a stop to a crime taking place at all. Without the ease of using a two-way radio, this type of communication can be seriously hindered which can prevent staff reducing the risk of crime in the workplace and local community.

When used on a regular basis, it’s clear that two-way radios can improve the overall safety within a variety of industries and businesses. What’s more, by creating a safer working environment, residents of the community can feel safer in their local area.

Emergency alarm

One of the great things about two-way radios is the ability to automatically alert other users of any emergency situation without saying a word! Much like a panic button, two-way radios are fitted with an emergency alarm that can be discreetly activated if the user is in an urgent situation. For example, if a small business owner is alone in their premises and is unable to contact anyone directly in a safe and secure way, they can activate the emergency alarm without being conspicuous.

When another radio user receives the alarm signal, they are able to contact the emergency services on their behalf, illustrating the impact a simple radio can have in a potentially dangerous situation. By allowing the user to alert others of the situation, crimes can be alleviated as soon as possible in a safe way.


If your local area chooses M.R.S. Communications as their radio service provider, you’ll become part of the StoreNet family – a system that allows radio users to communicate freely with each other in order to manage and prevent crime. In other words, not only will staff be able to communicate with each other via their radio system, but they’ll also be able to communicate with other local retail outlets and work together to tackle crime.

M.R.S. Communications Ltd created StoreNet to encourage communities to actively and safely manage crime, which is now taking place in hundreds of towns and cities throughout the UK. Having a support network of other businesses in a local area will improve safety measures within the business and the local community, making staff feel safer in their working environment and residents feel safer in their local area.


In addition to StoreNet, M.R.S. Communications also offers NightNet – a dedicated communications solution for pubs, clubs, restaurants, bars, and other forms of site security. The system uses a city-centre radio system to alert all users of potential issues that are happening in their local area. This can substantially reduce the risk of a crime being committed, and provide a higher level of safety and security to the staff and other customers in the venue.


The NiteNet system was put into place to ensure the safety and security of businesses at all times. Police authorities and CCTV operators are aware of the NiteNet system and can be contacted when necessary, making the system an effective method of crime prevention and security protection. In turn, this improves the overall safety of a town or city – which is the ultimate priority at the end of the day!

Improving overall communication

As we’ve already mentioned, the most effective method of crime prevention within communities is communication. With this comes increased efficiency, improved teamwork, and enhanced organisation, all of which contribute to crime prevention and make local areas a safer place to live.

If you want to know more about how you can ensure your local area is using the right communication service, contact M.R.S. Communications today. We’d be happy to talk about crime prevention with you.

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