News from us - M.R.S. Communications’ two-way radio systems provide support during COVID-19

Despite the difficult and uncertain times brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic, M.R.S. Communications has continued to provide their valued partners with first class service and customer care. 

In addition to this, during the lockdown period in the UK, there was a greater need for two-way radio systems to achieve three main objectives:

  1. Increase security
  2. Increase communication
  3. Allow businesses to operate while social distancing

This increase in demand led to M.R.S. welcoming new valued partners to work with.

From Southampton to Bristol and multiple other locations, M.R.S. worked with Business Improvement Districts, councils, retailers and outlets by installing effective two-way radio systems.

The team at M.R.S. understands the important part that radio systems play in regards to safety and crime prevention especially. With businesses already suffering, M.R.S. were conscious that preventing crime – particularly theft – was crucial for small businesses to stay afloat. 

Throughout, they have continued to provide expert advice to all BCRP and BID managers, as well as keeping daily interactions with customer bases. 


GO! Southampton BID

The Business Improvement District in Southampton was in need of a town link radio system to improve security and deter crime. 

The system was required to be reliable and easy to use so that businesses could effortlessly contact one another to keep communication high and crime low.

M.R.S. achieved these aims to high success, and GO! Southampton has 80 members already using the radio system, with that number increasing regularly.

Want to learn more about what M.R.S did to achieve success?

Read the full case study here.


Designer Outlet West Midlands

Designer Outlet West Midlands approached M.R.S. to help them design a new security radio system ahead of the outlet opening in 2021.

The radio system had to provide reliable coverage and be easy to use to allow store workers to quickly communicate with one another when necessary.

M.R.S. successfully installed the security radio system, which at the time of installation had 10 members. This number is set to increase ahead of the site opening in 2021.

Interested in learning more about how M.R.S. increased safety for the outlet?

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Bristol City Centre BID

Bristol City Centre BID had the aim of improving their current radio system to keep the city safe and welcoming for residents and tourists alike. The BID also wanted a radio provider who could assist with invoicing the radio members.

M.R.S. installed a cost-effective radio system which was an upgrade to the one already in place. 80 members connected to the radio system, and M.R.S. also handled the invoicing of these new members.

Want to learn more about the BID’s newly increased security through M.R.S.’ radio system? 

Read the full case study here.


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