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M.R.S. Communications is one step ahead of the game with the latest technological advancements. We ensure that our products are up to date so that our customers can find the best product to suit their needs.  

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Portable Radios

Portable radios – commonly referred to as ‘walkie-talkies’ – are handheld radios that are easily fixed to clothing so that the user can easily move around while having quick access to the radio.

We know that a good portable radio needs to be hard wearing and reliable as well as small and lightweight – so that’s what we offer. We have a number of high-specification portable radios that are easy to use and no bother to carry around with quick access and are perfect for use as a retail radio link or in the bar and nightclub industries.

Mobile Radios

A mobile radio has the same functionality as a portable radio, however they are larger and designed to be used in a fixed location. An example of where you would find a mobile radio would be a CCTV control room, where operators can constantly listen and monitor radio transmissions whilst also being able to transmit out important announcements.

Besides providing exceptional voice communication, many mobile radios also offer full 4-line colour displays with a day and night mode which makes reading tickets and emergency alarm messages far easier than before.

Our selection of mobile radios provide advanced communication solutions for a variety of needs. Whether that be industrial, retail, hospitality, or anything else! We are sure to have a mobile radio that’s right for you.


Repeaters (or base stations as they’re often known) enable two-way radio signals to cover longer distances, which is ideal for communicating with other businesses or colleagues who are located far away. They provide the user with increased capacity, spectral efficiency, integrated data applications and enhanced voice communications. That means a superior experience for you and your employees! Repeaters are also designed to meet the safety requirements of public safety, utilities and professional organisations.

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