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Keep your staff and customers safe with a ShopWatch radio

The ShopWatch scheme is the perfect way for retail staff to communicate easily with other radio users, all the while creating a safer working environment for staff and customers alike.

What is the ShopWatch scheme?

The ShopWatch scheme was created to provide retailers with instant communication in order to reduce and manage crime such as theft. The radio communication systems that retail staff use can be linked to users in other retail outlets, a local council, CCTV operators and in some instances, the police. This allows instant and easy communication, which provides radio users with the opportunity to alert others of particular situations (such as theft) as well as being notified of potential issues that are occurring in the local vicinity.

Support your staff

At M.R.S. Communications, we encourage radio users to take a proactive approach in reducing and managing crime. We are committed to helping promote a sense of security for both staff and customers, as well as improving police/licensee liaison through our two-way ShopWatch radio technology.

The ShopWatch scheme is intended to work in partnership with existing communication channels. Our radio technology can be used for the exchange of information on known criminal activity with the police, to report a lost child and to request first aid help in the case of a customer medical emergency.

Why choose M.R.S. Communications?

Working in partnership with local agencies and communities, we provide support and training to implement a new radio system and get up and running with the ShopWatch scheme. We are also able to sync a number of towns together into one central hub. At M.R.S Communications, our knowledge of the latest technologies and radio communication systems means we only offer the highest quality equipment and services. We’re committed to ensuring two-way radio systems are an effective solution to fight against crime. 

We believe businesses are more protected when they work together against crime, and ShopWatch is an ideal platform to effectively prevent and manage crime.

Key Benefits:

  • Shop safer – let your staff and customers feel safe  in the knowledge that the local area is using ShopWatch to monitor crime and theft.
  • Communicate quicker – Communicate instantly with other businesses in the local vicinity and stay informed of any incidents.
  • Crime prevention – By using ShopWatch, you will be made aware of potential crimes and/or thefts taking place, and can react proactively to keep your business and customers safe and prevent loss of stock
  • Licence and its administration
  • Community – become part of the local scheme

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