News from us - Two-way radios: a safe way to communicate during COVID-19

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease and businesses begin to open, communication will be vital in ensuring everyone stays safe and follows regulations. The ‘new normal’ will continue long after lockdown and will require all of us to continue social distancing if we are to stay safe and control the Covid-19 virus. No matter what service you offer, safety and security will be a key consideration as your business prepares to open its doors again. 

In order to protect your employees, patrons and the general public, it’s important that your local area – or your staff and colleagues – are able to communicate safely. For example, government regulations state that all staff are to maintain social distancing, and this applies whether you work in retail, hospitality or any other customer-facing business. 

How will two way radios help maintain social distancing?

By implementing an effective radio communications system, organisations will not only be able to proactively reduce and manage crime, but help uphold correct social distancing practices to keep customers, employees and the public safe. M.R.S two-way radios allow users to efficiently and reliably share information with their colleagues and the public whilst maintaining a safe distance, keeping both staff and the public free from contracting or spreading the virus. Teams will be able to communicate quickly and alert colleagues, patrons and the public of any situation that might compromise their safety – such as when people aren’t abiding by social distancing regulations. 

Government guidelines also call business to limit the number of patrons in a business at any given time and to employ one-way systems for customers. Two-way radios mean that staff will be able to guide each other through upholding these practices whilst avoiding any unnecessary contact.

Connecting with local authorities

M.R.S. two-way radios can also link to local CCTV operations and police units, so any concerns you may have can be fed through to them. This is great peace of mind to any business owner who has concerns around people wilfully disobeying guidelines and putting others at risk, as well as offering increased security and support against malicious actors.

Our two-way radios communicate by sending an encrypted digital signal rather than broadcasting and receiving over an analogue frequency – allowing for crystal clarity, a far-reaching range and no reliance on spotty phone networks. M.R.S two-way radios also allow users to trigger specific alarms when appropriate, meaning that a more urgent incident can be quickly raised and resolved. These modern features mean that your team will be able to communicate quickly and without risk or compromise.

Keeping two-way radios clean and safe to use

Government guidelines additionally state that all employees must ‘increase handwashing frequency and surface cleaning’, and keeping radios clean is an important part of following this protocol. In order to keep your staff safe and prevent contamination, we recommend that staff refrain from sharing radios or your team ensure that each radio is thoroughly cleaned at the end of each use.

By following government guidelines and communicating clearly, organisations of all kinds will be able to open for business again with the knowledge that their staff and customers will be safe and well.

Talk to M.R.S. about keeping radio users safe

If you’re looking to ensure the safety and security of your organisation through a radio communications system, we would be more than happy to talk to you. We can work with you to fit within your budget, provide you with the latest equipment and offer personalised packages to suit the needs of your organisation. Our staff provide full on-site training and our team will be on-hand to answer any queries you have whenever you need us.

Each communications system can be tailored to meet your needs, and can be as straightforward as our modern two-way radios systems or as complex as an entire encrypted network like our Storenet or Nitenet Security systems, depending on the size of your organisation or area.

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