News from us - What are the benefits of Storenet and NiteNet?

At M.R.S. Communications, we’re passionate about keeping communities safe – whether that’s in business areas, shopping centres, or areas where people are out and about to have a good time. This is why we provide security systems to networks operating within specific locations, making them safer and more inviting for staff and members of the public alike. And there are many benefits in doing so.

We provide Storenet and NiteNet, which are both systems facilitating instant communication, chiefly via radio. The former is used among daytime businesses in certain areas, and the latter is for bars, pubs and restaurants operating at nighttime – but the premise is essentially the same. By creating a network for alerts, security is increased in the designated location, and users can proactively help reduce and manage crime. In addition, the systems work closely with CCTV providers and local police authorities.

What are the benefits?

Improved security is the overarching goal of both Storenet and NiteNet. By creating a network of users operating within a location – such as a shopping centre, for example – the chances of crimes being committed are substantially reduced. This increased safety is of enormous benefit to both people working within businesses and members of the public.

Although safety for staff and customers alike is important in itself, keeping an area safe comes with a range of secondary benefits:

  • Reducing crime makes financial sense. Having items damaged or stolen is costly for both businesses and customers. Not only does nobody want to shell out to repair or replace broken or missing items, but doing so is also a drain on time.
  • Reducing crime reduces stress. Time and money aren’t the only things which take a hit as a result of being a victim of crime. It’s also incredibly stressful, which can be damaging in numerous ways – some tangible, some less so. For example, if a customer associates a trip to a shopping centre with having fallen foul of a crime, then they’re less likely to return. This causes a negative cycle of businesses seeming less attractive, which can also lead to losing money.
  • It makes businesses more profitable. Happy and motivated staff are the cornerstone of profitable businesses. When staff feel safe coming into work, they perform better, and absenteeism is reduced.
  • Safe areas are better for drumming up new business. Visible signs of crime can be off-putting for customers thinking of visiting a location to go shopping, go out for food and drink, or seek entertainment. The same is true of businesses thinking about investing in an area. Keeping an area safe makes it more appealing.
  • Develops a sense of community. When a network of people and businesses are looking out for one another, it results in a positive sense of belonging among members.

In short, keeping an area safe and reducing crime is to everyone’s benefit. As such, having a robust security system with better connected members in place not only makes financial sense, but improves the wellbeing of the community in which it’s implemented.

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How does it work?

Users are provided with means of communicating instantly among one another. Among countless applications, this can allow shop security staff to tip off others regarding suspected shoplifters for instance, or bar security staff to alert others as to those looking for trouble headed their way. Essentially, this creates an invested community looking out for one another and members of the public.

Although principally radio-based, members of a community aren’t limited in how they talk to each other.  In addition, as the radio systems aren’t reliant on network providers, downtime is minimised. This means that important communications among members won’t be missed due to patchy reception, and provides a valuable safety net.

How can I get involved?

M.R.S. Communications is very happy to offer bespoke security packages in accordance with your requirements and budget. And our services don’t end there – our helpful staff can offer full on-site training in the system, and offer ongoing support to help ensure your network is safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Drop us a line today to discuss what system will best for your needs.

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