News from us - Which two-way radio is best?

The answer to the question ‘which two-way radio is best’ isn’t as simple as it seems. This is because it depends on two key factors: the setting in which you’ll be using your radio, and subsequently the features your radio needs to have because of this.

We can’t simply say which is the best two-way radio, because the best radio for one client may not be appropriate for another.

This blog will discuss what that all means in more detail as you keep reading. However, the most effective way to establish which two-way radio is best for you is to chat to an expert.

By chatting to an account manager at M.R.S. Communications, they can advise you which of our two-way radios is the best fit for your needs.

Which two-way radio is best?

As mentioned above, there are a few considerations when deciding on the radio for you. There is a three-step process for this.

Step 1 – Consider the setting in which you’ll be using your radio.

If, for example, you work outdoors across long distances, this is going to affect your choice of radio. In this example, you wouldn’t choose the same radio as someone who worked for a loud concert venue as part of the security team, or a hospitality manager in a venue such as a pub.

This is because the features that you will need your radio to have will vary from setting to setting.

Step 2 – What features do you need your radio to have because of its setting?

The second step in deciding which two-way radio is best for you is to think about the features you need it to have based on your environment.

Using our earlier example, if you’re part of a security team at a loud venue, features you may need from your radio include a clear sound no matter the volume elsewhere, a security button to alert emergencies, and for it to be lightweight.

Contrastingly, if you work outdoors for a holiday park, you may need a radio with long-distance connectivity, long battery life and for it to be waterproof.

By thinking about the features you need, you can start to discover which radio is best suited to your specific needs.

Step 3 – Contact an expert

Now that you have your context and features mapped out, you can begin chatting to an expert who will help find the right radio for you.

Account managers can help

When you contact us, we’ll help find the best radio system for you.

When you hire our radios, you get assigned a dedicated account manager who are experts in radio communications, and can therefore help choose the right radio for you.

By chatting to an account manager, you’ll get answers to all your questions. If you want to know what is the best radio for long distance for your outdoor holiday park for example, our team can recommend the most appropriate radio system for this.

At this stage, don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what features you need – this is what our team is there to help you with. We may ask a few basic questions to fully understand what features you need your specific radio to have before suggesting any particular models.

When it comes to deciding which two-way radio is best for your business, it’s best not to just wing it and buy the first one you come across on Amazon.

Instead, speak to an expert who can help align a radio to match your business requirements – you’ll reap the benefits later for it.

We’ve delivered the best two-way radios

We have experience in helping businesses across the UK choose their perfect radio that’s best suited to their needs.

For example, one client needed to know what is the best radio for long distance, as they required a system that would allow communication across a whole region. To help decide the most appropriate radio for them, we looked at some new technology to discover the best solution for this specific client.

In contrast, due to lockdown, one retailer was in need of a communication system that would allow them to operate effectively while maintaining a two metre distance. For this client, long distance wouldn’t be a factor that would determine the best radio. Instead, we chose a system that allowed for quick and easy communication in a small venue.

We also do plenty of work for BIDs, but even in these circumstances, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. PABCIS BID in Staffordshire, for example, knew that their radio system needed to be:

  • Capable of alerting others of potential issues in real time
  • Reliable, so it could always be used in case of an emergency
  • Capable of having a strong signal to ensure they could always be used across Staffordshire

Through thoroughly understanding the workings and operational issues of PABCIS, as well as listening to their requirements, our team was able to recommend the best radio communication system for the BID.

After implementing their radio system, PABCIS noticed:

  • An improved service in their area
  • Effective communication between members to make others aware of potential issues
  • Improved service

In short, we listen to your needs and combine them with our expertise to decide which two-way radio is best for your needs.

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Whether you’re looking to increase communication in your hospitality venue, increase security in a large arena, deter criminal activity in your area, or any other purpose, we can help recommend and install the best radio for your business.

If you need to know what is the best radio for long distance, or which radio system you should choose that’s waterproof and durable, we can answer your questions and provide you with the best solution.

To fully know which radio is best for your business to operate effectively, get in touch with us today where an expert will discuss your needs.

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