News from us - Why security is important for businesses in the UK

The most commonly committed crimes on business premises are theft and handling by a significant margin, with violence against people in second place. Criminals tend to target businesses with the poorest security, so stepping up security in commercial premises will help to reduce crime.

At M.R.S. Communications, we’re keen to promote best-practice security for businesses – including how best to prevent crime – as it benefits other local businesses and the community at large. Here we look at some of the reasons why security is critical for UK businesses.

Prevention of crime

Preventing crimes from happening in the first place will save you and others in the workplace a huge amount of time and stress. Not to mention, it will help to keep you – and people around you – safe. That’s why it’s incredibly important to ensure that you are tackling crime prevention with security measures.

Implementing a successful communications system is a great way to proactively manage crime. Being in contact with other businesses can improve safety in your local area. Have a look at our StoreNet and NiteNet service to find out more about the importance of communication in the community when it comes to crime prevention.

Having CCTV, an access control system and intruder alarms are also helpful in crime prevention. One significant benefit of this is that your property and valuables will be protected. Stolen or damaged property can be expensive to replace or repair, as well as being time-consuming and stressful – all of which have a negative effect on the business and the community at large. Even if your business is insured, being the victim of theft can still be costly – not least in more expensive premiums in future.

Employee wellbeing

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. And ensuring they’re working in an environment in which all members feel secure has multiple benefits:

  • Employees feel safe: Knowing that they’re coming to a place of work in which they feel safe provides invaluable reassurance to employees. There’s obviously a balance to be struck, because having too much visible security in place can be unsettling. But finding the right level where staff are comfortable in their environment is key.
  • Staff absence is reduced: A safe workplace is more inviting, so security actually reduces absenteeism. It’s also less of a stressful environment to be in, which can have knock-on effects for workers’ personal lives, and can ultimately help to prevent illnesses and depression.
  • Profitability is improved: The sum of a happy, comfortable workforce is increased productivity, and profitability naturally follows. This is why it’s a false economy to cut corners on your workplace security.

Creates a more inviting business environment

As mentioned, stepping up security helps to prevent crime. But this is much more than a good in itself. Keeping commercial areas free of vandalism, arson and criminal damage leads to a much more inviting environment. Businesses are far more likely to be attracted to areas that are secure and free of visible signs of crime.

This tends towards an upward spiral, where businesses feel welcome and investment flourishes. Which in turn leads to more jobs for the area.

How can M.R.S. Communications help?

M.R.S. Communications has a proven track record in supplying businesses and local networks with communications systems which have greatly improved their security. For example, we’ve rolled out our trusted StoreNet system in hundreds of town centres nationwide, bringing peace of mind to countless businesses and customers.

If you’d like to know more about the communications services we provide, please contact us. We’ll be very happy to talk to you about your security requirements.

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