What's included - Online resources and a dedicated team of radio systems experts

For those unavoidable times when issues arise, you can be be sure that M.R.S. Communications will be able to help

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We provide the highest quality hardware and software, but if you’re ever stuck or unsure on how our software is performing, we’ll be happy to provide you with a solution.

Our support team

Thanks to our many years of experience, our dedicated support team are able to quickly and efficiently diagnose the fault and carry out any necessary repairs. The team is able to assist you with many queries via our telephone support service, ensuring a speedy resolution for your business.

Our support hours currently run from 8.30 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday. In the unlikely event you suffer a system failure outside of normal office hours, you can contact our office and we will return your call as soon as possible. Alternatively, you could also consult our selection of training videos, documents and FAQs to learn more about operating specific radio devices.

Our online video resources include everything from powering on radios and how to use the basic functions of each of the different radio solutions to panic alarm activations and understanding the display icons on your devices.

We also have support documents that can be very beneficial to read when you receive your bespoke radio solution as they have all the necessary information that can make the learning experience as smooth and effortless as possible. The documents include everything from general training notes of our solutions to GDPR compliance.

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