How We’ve Helped - Bristol City Centre BID

Company overview

  • Company name: Bristol City Centre BID
  • Company size: 80+ members
  • Type of company: Business Improvement District



The challenge

Bristol City Centre Business Improvement District is a non-for-profit organisation, working to make Bristol a better place for those who live, work and study in the city. Bristol City Centre BID originated in 2017 with an aim to ensure that the city centre becomes increasingly known for its safe, attractive and welcoming look and feel by all those who experience Bristol.

Bristol City Centre BID requested M.R.S. Communications to refresh and improve their existing radio system. The BID wanted a radio to provide who could also assist with invoicing all the radio members on their behalf.

This specific radio system would need to be up-to-date to ensure that Bristol City Centre BID were receiving a high quality refresh of their current system. In order to also meet the BID’s aim or increasing safety within the area, the system would need to be reliable and offer quick communication in order to allow easy communication between businesses and with the police.

Key Improvements

  • Radio system. M.R.S. provided a cost-effective radio system for over 80 members
  • Connection. M.R.S.’ radio system connected all of the day and night-time economy, CCTV, and the police
  • Command and control computer. A command and control computer was installed to further enhance the operation

The Solution

M.R.S. installed an effective and updated radio communication system in Bristol City Centre BID. The radio system was a cost effective solution that was still a good upgrade to the system that was initially in place.

The decision was also made to install a command and control computer which was located at the CCTV hub. This addition to the system would further enhance the ability to monitor and control crime and safety within the area.

Finally, M.R.S. Communication’s experienced accounts team undertook all the radio collection fees and organised invoicing on behalf of Bristol City Centre BID. M.R.S. ensured that prompt payment was made from all the members to the BID, and this fast payment processing resulted in a constant revenue stream for the BID.

With M.R.S’ expert knowledge in recommending the best type of radio communication system that would connect all of day- and night-time economy, the police and CCTV, Bristol City Centre BID benefited hugely from their updated radio communication system.

With over 80 members using the system, and more joining regularly, Bristol City Centre BID continues to increase in safety. The safety of the city also allows the area to appear more attractive and welcoming to Bristol residents and tourists alike, achieving all three of the BID’s main objectives.


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