How We’ve Helped - GO! Southampton Business Improvement District

Company overview

  • Company name: GO! Southampton
  • Company size: 80+ members and growing
  • Type of company: Business Improvement District



The challenge

GO! Southampton is the Business Improvement District for Southampton City Centre, Go! Southampton started back in April 2017 with the aim to improve the town with various projects.

Southampton has a population of over 250,000 people and a catchment area exceeding two million people.

One of the core objectives Go! Southampton’s was to implement a town link radio system which would help improve security and deter criminal activity. GO! Southampton were specifically after a crime prevention radio system that would provide secure communication between the BID team, CCTV and the police.

The system needed to be reliable and easy to use to ensure that businesses across Southampton could depend on the radios to easily communicate with one another and keep their security tight.

Key Improvements

  • Installation. M.R.S. installed the crime prevention system.
  • Computer control system. The system’s command and control computer system system monitors all users and ensures town safety.
  • Members. Since the system was installed, over 80 members use the scheme, with more members joining every day.

The Solution

M.R.S. Communications installed the crime prevention radio communication system for Go! Southampton. To specifically meet Go! Southampton’s needs of increasing security, the system that M.R.S. installed contains a control software. This software monitors all users and ensures the town is remaining safe, while using the radio system according to protocol.

In addition, the software that was installed records radio transmissions in case of an emergency, and can be used to aid the local police as evidence.

The system was installed in July 2020, and since the installation, over 80 members use the scheme, with more members joining every day. While also installing the system, M.R.S. also handled all radio applications and invoicing of radio memberships on Go! Southampton’s behalf.

Thanks to M.R.S Communications’ crime prevention system, businesses in Southampton have been able to effectively communicate with each other and the police. This results in business owners and staff feeling safer and more protected at work. As a method of surveillance, the recording component of the security system will also help to reduce crime in the area.

M.R.S now handles all new radio membership applications for the GO! Southampton BID team, and ensure that a radio is dispatched to each new member quickly and efficiently.


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