What we offer - Two way radio hire

We can supply you with a simple and cost-effective hire package.

If you require a radio for a short period of time, need equipment quickly or simply want to split the cost of radios into smaller chunks, two way radio hire is the ideal solution.

What is two way radio hire?

M.R.S Communications’ two way radio hire is a low-cost way to source radios for your organisation or local area. Perfect for events or simply for those who only want to commit to a shorter time frame, we can supply you with a simple and cost-effective radio hire package that has everything you need.


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Why choose M.R.S. Communications?

For over 40 years, M.R.S Communications has provided two way radios to businesses, cities and towns around the UK. We’re committed to innovation and provide our customers with industry-leading technology. All our two way radio hire equipment is regularly checked, analysed and tested so that it’s not just acceptable to use, but at its peak performance.

We are fully aware that supplying for on/off events is both demanding and time-critical. In this situation, our Account Management team will work with you to provide tailored two way radio hire for whatever your requirements, and we will work alongside you from start to finish. 

No matter what you require two way term radio hire for – M.R.S Communications can help.

Key features

  • Support and set-up comes as standard
  • You’ll get a dedicated Account Manager to work with
  • We use leading technology so you’ll have access the best equipment for the job
  • There’s no capital outlay – you only pay for what you use
  • Repairs and replacements are quick and simple
  • Perfect for two way radio hire for events


3 key benefits of two way radio hire

Efficient Communications
Two way radio hire offers an efficient communications solution that any organisation or business can use.

Short-term Applications
You can get two way radio hire for short stints, such as weekends or week-long events, for music festivals, exhibitions, sports events, filming, construction projects and much more.

Reasonable Pricing
Our two way radio hire is reasonably priced. We pride ourselves on striving to help our customers get the most for their money.


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