What we offer - Two way radio hire

We can supply you with a simple and cost-effective hire package.

If you require a radio for a short period of time, need equipment quickly or simply want to split the cost of radios into smaller chunks, two way radio hire is the ideal solution.

What is two way radio hire?

M.R.S Communications’ two way radio hire is a low-cost way to source radios for your organisation or local area. Perfect for events or simply for those who only want to commit to a shorter time frame, we can supply you with a simple and cost-effective radio hire package that has everything you need.


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Why choose M.R.S. Communications?

For over 40 years, M.R.S Communications has provided two-way radios to businesses, cities and towns around the UK. We’re committed to innovation and provide our customers with industry-leading technology. All our radio hire equipment is regularly checked, analysed and tested so that it’s not just acceptable to use, but at its peak performance.

We are fully aware that supplying for on/off events is both demanding and time-critical. In this situation, our Account Management team will work with you to provide tailored two-way radio hire for whatever your requirements, and we will work alongside you from start to finish. 

No matter what you require two-way term radio hire for – M.R.S Communications can help.

Key features

  • Support and set-up comes as standard
  • You’ll get a dedicated Account Manager to work with
  • We use leading technology so you’ll have access to the best equipment for the job
  • There’s no capital outlay – you only pay for what you use
  • Repairs and replacements are quick and simple
  • Perfect for two-way radio hire for events


3 Key Benefits of Two-Way Radio Hire

Efficient Communications
Two-way radio hire offers an efficient communications solution that any organisation or business can use.

Short-term Applications
You can get two way radio hire for short stints, such as weekends or week-long events, for music festivals, exhibitions, sports events, filming, construction projects and much more.

Reasonable Pricing
Our two way radio hire is reasonably priced. We pride ourselves on striving to help our customers get the most for their money.


Key Features

  • Support and set-up comes as standard

No matter whether you are making a purchase or hire, we offer the same comprehensive, high-quality service to all our clients. This means that our on-site auditing and installation still remains standard. We aim to implement our services into your company in the same way no matter whether it’s a permanent or temporary security solution.

  • You’ll get a dedicated account manager to work with

Having a point of contact for your radio hire system is a pivotal service that we provide. At M.R.S Communications we are eager to ensure you have a continuous channel of communication across your team. Should you face any problems throughout your service, we will make amends as soon as possible. Your account manager will be able to keep track of your connection status and provide over the phone or on-site assistance to keep you connected at all times.

  • We use leading technology so you’ll have access to the best equipment for the job

Hiring our two-way radios doesn’t mean borrowing our old stock. It is our highest priority to provide exceptional services at all times. When hiring a two-way radio from M.R.S Communications, you will only receive the most efficient and durable equipment. We can rest assured that you have the highest level of security throughout your project.

  • There’s no capital outlay – you only pay for what you use

Radio hire should be a simple and cost-effective way to improve your security system and increase productivity. Additional costs or paying more than the service was worth is not part of the experience we aim to provide at M.R.S Communications. Just like the rest of our services, two-way radio hire is a simple and affordable way to boost your team’s communication abilities.

  • Repairs and replacements are quick and simple

Plenty of obstacles can get in your way when trying to create a smooth-running operation. Luckily, M.R.S Communications are on hand to catch any issues before they cause major security problems. When running a large event or project, its incredibly easy for radios to go missing, get damaged or stop working. Should you run into any difficulties, we have plenty of spares available to re-connect with your communication system.

  • Perfect for two-way radio hire for events

There are plenty of examples where two-way radios can accelerate your communication efforts and ensure top levels of security. Our radio hire services have been implemented in the past within music festivals, outdoor events and weddings. Wherever you need communication amongst a team, we have the resources to get you connected. Events aren’t the only application for radio hire either. Larger projects for retail, construction, healthcare and plenty more industries can also benefit from a cost-effective temporary security solution.



Reasons Why You May Want to Hire Instead of Purchasing a Radio System Package

  • You have an existing radio system that needs to be temporarily expanded

Many of our clients, over our 40 years of operation, have hired radios in addition to their existing security system. There are plenty of occasions where this may be appropriate. Ensuring that larger projects are equipped with consistent communication is highly important for security and productivity. At M.R.S Communications, we can ensure that additional radio hires will be installed seamlessly into your existing setup. On-site experts will provide installation and be on hand for any connectivity issues. This provides a cost-effective short-term solution when additional resources are required

  • Your project or event may only require radios intermittently

For many organisations and companies, radio hire is most useful once in a blue moon. Those that use our two-way radio systems more frequently are far more incentivised to purchase their own system. However, for radios that are rarely used, there is far too much maintenance to purchase a set for infrequent use. Radios require constant software and hardware updates, servicing and storage. This is an additional cost that can be saved when temporarily hired. The service is available as and when you require, offering complete convenience at your disposal.

  • The existing radio system is receiving updates or repairs

Every so often, your radio system will require maintenance. This is to ensure your team can experience the highest-level technology at all times. Thankfully, two-way radio hire can be implemented in the interval whilst your system is being improved. This allows communications to continue seamlessly. You can maintain productivity levels and guarantee security with an ideal temporary solution.

How Many two-way Radios Should I Hire?

When hiring radios, it can be hard to know how many you are going to need. Although we do offer an incredibly affordable service, you probably don’t want to waste finances on additional radios that won’t be used. However, not having enough radios for a large scale even can also be a real pain. Consider how many staff you will have on-site, how many of these will you need to have consistent communication at all times. After calculating this, it is a good idea to add a few more just in case of additional staff or connection issues.

After deciding on a rough figure for the size of your event, one of our on-site experts can make an assessment for your bespoke radio hire package. We’ll work with the information you’ve provided to give an accurate quote for our service. You’ll then have all the information you need to order plenty of radios to allow for reliable communication across your project.



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